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Beau rivage

Our collections

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~ Beau Rivage ~

Inspired by the fashion of the early 20th century, the collection takes its name from the well-known hotel that so attracted figures such as Sissi Emperatriz, Coco Chanel or Víctor Hugo. “Beau Rivage” speaks of sensations, of that characteristic smell of wood given off by its floors, sheltered with rugs to combat the cold of Switzerland; speaks of detail and lightness.


This collection, with apparently simple lines but with rich craftsmanship, stands out for the quality of the fabrics. Embroidered tulles that play with textures, silk georgette and crepe that continue to play a leading role.

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~ Voyage ~

“Voyage”, the trip that the designer has prepared, once again has the vintage and romantic touch that characterizes the firm so much.


“I imagine the journey my grandparents and great-grandparents undertook from old Europe to Argentina. Those trunks full of clothes, crockery and trousseau… .. ”She remembers with nostalgia the images recounted over and over again of the parties and evenings during the long journey and those deeply rooted objects that traveled with them.


A journey full of memories and stories that she recreates today in this new collection. In which she opts for buttons, openings and a mix of fabrics.

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~ Mélancolie ~

 With the evocative images of Paris 20´s and the intellectual, vanguard and rebel ambient of that city as an inspiration, Alejandra Svarc presents Mélancolie. A simple and elegant dress collection with romantic and vintage details.

Low cut or subtle veiled backs, frills turning into sleeves, buttons that get specially relevant and slight transparencies, make unique each of the nine designs that make part of Mélancolie.

Beau Rivage